How do I Copy a Step or Content?

You can copy entire steps inside and between Siminars. This is useful if you want the same content to appear in different courses, or to create content in one course then copy it into another and modify it.

To copy a specific lesson between courses, you will need to copy the step that contains it, then edit the content and move it to a new location in that course. You can delete the copied step.

Some notes:

  • When you copy a step to another Siminar, it is copied to the "Hidden" steps area, not placed in the sequence.
  • You will need to go to the Syllabus view of that Siminar, click on Hidden Steps and then "Unhide" the copied step to make it part of the course flow. 
  • Copied quizzes do not retain the skip ahead rewards set in the original, because the structure of the new course is different. You'll need to set this again in any copied quizzes, if you had skip ahead rewards set.
  • When you copy a step to an existing, published Siminar, all students already in the course will have access to this new step, even if they have finished the course in the past. It will change their completion status to reflect this, and the next time they log in, they will be taken to the first undone lesson in the first new step.

To copy a Step do the following:

1. Go to the source course, in the Syllabus view. If the course is published, make sure you are in edit mode (top left). Click on the copy step icon:


2. You will see the following modal, where you will set the target course to copy this step to. The courses you are a facilitator for will show in this drop down. Select the destination course and click the "Copy" button.


3. You'll get this confirmation message:


You can repeat the above for any other steps you want to copy in the source course right now. They will all get added to the hidden area of the target course.

4. Go to the target Siminar and select edit mode (top left) if the course is published. Above the first step you will see the "View Hidden Steps" Button. Click it.


5. You will see the copied Step(s). It will have the word "Copy" added to the end of the title to make clear which is a copy. Edit the title to remove the word "Copy" if you need to. You can make any changes you want to the content in the step at this point, including adding new content and deleting anything you want.


6. When you are ready, click the "Unhide" button to move it into the course flow. You will see this dialog below. Set the step number you would like this step to take. This will move the step out of the hidden location to the course flow, pushing down all existing steps in number (it does not delete or replace the step who's number you have typed, just increases that step by one.)


Done! If the course is published, all existing and any new students will have this content to review. 


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