I can't get audio to play

If you are experiencing an audio playback issue, for example the audio will not load, the play button doesn't work or doesn't appear, or audio playing intermittently there are a few things you should try right away.

Incidentally, the audio player will usually look something like this, with the play button on the left side:

First, having the latest browser version will help resolve most problems. Web browsers are free and having the latest version also improves your security and safety when browsing the web. Please note that we are not able to provide support Internet Explorer version 9 or lower.

You can check your browser version by using the "About Chrome", "About Internet Explorer", or "About Firefox" option in your browser's menu. Latest versions can be found here :

For Google Chrome, get it at

For Mozilla Firefox, get it at

For Microsoft Internet Explorer, get it at‎

Note, your computer's operating system may not be able to support the latest version if it is too old. In that case the above links should automatically select the most recent version of the browser that your computer can handle.

Second, if your browser requires it, you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash to play audio. Google Chrome comes with Flash built in. For other browsers, get it here:‎

Finally, some audio in the Siminar are actually hosted and served by SoundCloud or other providers. If the video does not play for you on the SoundCloud site, it will not play for you on the Siminar site. The player for such embedded video will look different than the above image.

For mobile phones, not all versions of mobile browsers will support playback. However, playback should work on the latest two versions of iOS and Android.

If none of the above addresses the audio playback issue, please contact support using the link below. Please tell us your browser and version, your operating system and version, and paste the URL for the page you had the issue on.


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