How does the pricing structure work for Clickbank?

ClickBank charges an upfront amount of $50 for listing your product in their marketplace. Post that Clickbank adds a fee of $1 plus 7.5% per sale. Also on Siminars if your plan service fee rate is 15%, for all sales via Clickbank, you will be charged an additional 5% for a total of 20%  Please keep in mind that we do not cover any of the affiliate commissions within this fee - that amount will be determined by you and will be over and above this fee.

Here's an example:

Assuming your product is priced at $100 and you have chosen a Retail plan with 15% Siminars Service Fee Rate.

  • ClickBank charges 7.5%+$1 per transaction, so you are effectively selling your product for $91.50.
  • You have chosen to pay a commission of 50% to affiliates for promotion (This can be lesser or more depending on you), so 50% of the remainder goes to the referring affiliate, which equals $45.75.
  • Clickbank will pay $45.75 per sale.
  • Now as per your plan, you will be charged a Service Fee of (15%+5%); this amounts to $9.09.
  • You will earn 80% of $45.75 i.e. $36.66 per sale.
  • This will be paid to you as per your Payout account at the end of 60 days, after the current sale month is over.


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