The siminar title overlaps my banner image. How do I remove the title?

We suggest you design the banner that is above your Siminar content so that the text title we provide can be read clearly. This is because the title is shown differently on a mobile browser than on a tablet or desktop. To maintain readability, we do not allow the title of the Siminar to be hidden while on the content view.

However, you have a few more options on the banner that appears on your Sign Up page - you can disable the title here. If your siminar title is hiding the information on your banner image on this marketing page, you can choose to turn off the title from your sign-up page. To do so:

- Go to 'Manage' settings for your siminar. 

- Click on 'Sign-up' page. 

- Now 'Page Layout'. Here go to the heading 'Sign-up Page Components'. 

- Here you see a checkbox 'Show Siminar Title and Subtitle Over this Image'. Just uncheck this option.

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