How do I incorporate siminar in my site?

Incorporating siminar course links on your personal webpage is easy. On publishing your course you will be provided with links that go to each of your various Siminar login/signup pages. Just make sure that any "sign up" buttons you have on landing pages that you build (wherever you'd like to build them) use the "direct sign up" URL that you copied from the "Advanced" section of the Publish tab of the relevant Siminar.

Then when a user on your landing page clicks this link they will be shown to our sign up/login to the course, and if the course is for sale, at that point we will automatically handle the entire shopping cart/sales flow for you. That's all you need - that one URL per Siminar, used in your landing pages wherever you want the user to click to sign up or login. Your website designer is free to create those landing pages any way you want them to with no other restrictions from us. We also offer custom domain features, where you can set the URL for your courses to be under your URL such as "" - and also configure a custom navigation bar color and logo to match your site.

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